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GWBBCODE handleiding
« Gepost op: 18 juli 2012, 21:23:31 »
GwBBCode Tutorial

How to show a single skill

To display a skill you need to encase its name in square brackets "[" and "]".
For example the skill Shock would be represented by
[Shock] =>

Alternatively, you can express a skill by using "[skill]" tags.
[skill]shock[/skill] => 

If you want to show the skill name instead of its icon, put a second "[" before the name
[[Shock] => Shock

If you want to show a skill effect adjusted to an attribute value, include "@" after skill name and then a number
[Shock@8] =>  here we have the skill with 8 in Air Magic

Tip: case and punctuation don't matter in skill names, and you can use some abbreviations
["You're All Alone!"] = [your all alone] = [YOUR ALL ALONE!!!] =>
[Word of Healing] = [WoH] = [woh] =>

***Currently punctuation does matter on SMF forums.  Also skills with apostrophes in the name will not display unless the apostrophe is omitted.

How to write a build

The simpler way is to get its template code from the game, then use it in one of these ways:
[Shock Warr;OQYTgw4K5QrSFqM9cOtrCA] = [build=Shock Warr;OQYTgw4K5QrSFqM9cOtrCA] ~= [build=OQYTgw4K5QrSFqM9cOtrCA] =>
Shock Warr

But if you want to write a build from scratch, here is how! A build consists of an opening tag [build] in which you can specify details (see below), then a list of skills encased in brackets, and an ending tag [/build]. In this example we specified a name and attribute level. Do not panic it will be explained in details below :).
[build prof=W/E air=8][Shock][Frenzy][Eviscerate][/build] =>

Now let us have a closer look.. at what you can specify in the [build] tag..
  • Professions: To specify the build is for a Warrior/Elementalist, just add prof=W/E. You can use any profession abbreviation: W, Mo, E, R, N, Me, Rt, A, D, P. As well as full profession names, e.g prof=Warrior/Elementalist. You do not have to specify a secondary profession.
    [build prof=W/E][/build] = [build prof=Warrior/Elementalist][/build] =>

  • Build's name: To specify a name, try this: name="Shock war" (note: the name must be encased in double brackets "")

    [build prof=W/E name="Shock war"][/build] =>
    Shock war

  • Attributes: Just write the attribute name without spaces, followed by "=", and the attribute level. Like this: expertise=9. You can use plus signs to specify additional levels due to a rune or helmet: axemastery=12+1+3.
    Tip: Case does not matter here and all but 3 attribute names can be reduced to their first three letters, e.g axe=12 and pro=4. Specifying a few more letters does not hurt though: prot=9 and blood=8. The three exceptions to this rule are: dead for Deadly Arts since dea is for Death Magic; comma for Command since com is for Communing; earthp for Earth Prayers since ear is for Earth Magic.
    [build prof=W/E AxeMastery=12+1+3][/build] = [build prof=W/E axe=12+1+3][/build] =>

  • Description: Adding information on a build (weapons, armor, how to play it) can be done like this: desc="Vamp axe." (note: the description must be encased in double brackets "")
    [build prof=W/E desc="Vamp axe."][/build] =>

    Tip: you can write descriptions in multiple lines using {br} to separate lines. This tip works on build names as well.

  • Pickup: Now imagine you have a post with a full teambuild and you would like to know which of these builds your forum users would prefer to play. Rather than go through the process of asking them, use the pickup feature and ask them to click on the builds (their profession icons) they want! And click again to remove themselves from a build.
    To make a build clickable add something like pickup="some unique text here". A unique text is needed because if you use the same id with two builds and a user clicks on one, he will be added to both!
    [build prof=W/E pickup="Shock War"][/build]
    [build prof=Mo/E pickup="Prot Monk v3"][/build] =>


    Tip: for readability, you can reuse the pickup feature inside the same post but outside a build, and see who can play what without having to move your mouse over each build:

  • PvE/PvP: You can specify whether a build is PvE or PvP by adding either "pve" or "pvp" to the code:
    [build prof=W/E pve]["Watch Yourself!"][Blinding Surge][/build] =>

    [build prof=W/E pvp]["Watch Yourself!"][Blinding Surge][/build] =>

  • Box: You can create a nice box border to encase the build skills like in the game by adding "box" to the code:
    [build prof=W/E box][Shock][Eviscerate][/build] =>

  • No skill: You may want to specify an empty skill slot. For that, use [No Skill] =>

  • No save: If you do not want a build to show the copy build icon just add "nosave" to the code.
    [build prof=W/E nosave][/build] =>

Here is a full example:
[build prof=W/E name="Shock Axe" box axe=12+1+2 str=11+1 air=6 desc="Weapon 1: Vampiric Axe{br}Weapon 2: Penetrating Axe"][Frenzy][Rush][Disrupting Chop][Bulls Strike][Shock][Eviscerate][Executioners Strike][Resurrection Signet][/build] =>
Shock Axe

Additional skill syntaxes
For skills which differ in PvE and PvP gameplays, you can specify the gameplay after the name or let the default gameplay be applied (on these forums, PvP):

[[Aegis (PvP)] => Aegis (PvP)
[[Aegis (PvE)] => Aegis (PvE)
[[Aegis] => Aegis (PvP)

Same goes for Kurzick/Luxon skills (on these forums, default allegiance is Kurzick):

[[Aura of Holy Might (Kurzick)] => Aura of Holy Might (Kurzick)
[[Aura of Holy Might (Luxon)] => Aura of Holy Might (Luxon)
[[Aura of Holy Might] => Aura of Holy Might (Kurzick)

  • Locally prevent gwBBCode parsing: Encase what you do not want to be parsed with tags [nobbc] and [/nobbc],

     e.g [nobbc][EW][/nobbc] =>

     You will find it useful when you want to mention a guild tag which happens to be a skill abbreviation, or when you want to explain gwBBCode syntax ^^

    ***Unlike Phpbb forums, the [pre] tags are do not prevent gwbbcode from parsing. Instead you should use SMF builtin [nobbc] tag to prevent any Bulitin Board code from parsing.

  • The pickup feature: As seen above in a build, pickup can be used to let users show they can play it. Syntax is self explanetory: List of Shock Wars: [pickup="Shock War"] => List of Shock Wars:

    List of Prot Monks: [pickup="Prot Monk v3"] => Gast.

  • Advanced template syntax: you may use the "pve", "pvp", "box", and "nosave" build keywords in template names, e.g
    [Shock Warr pve box nosave;OQYTgw4K5QrSFqM9cOtrCA] =>
    Shock Warr

  • Export builds to GWFreaks: copy the code (click the Quote button to get it) to this page then click "convert" and import the downloaded file in GWFreaks

  • Random build: guess what.. just a random build from gwshacks inventory [random build] =>

  • gwBBCode version: that one is more difficult to guess: [gwbbcode version] => 1.8.3

  • Installing gwBBCode: If you want it on your forums it is free and open source so come get it at http://gwshack.us ^^
There. Hope you will enjoy using it as much as we did making it! ^^";

//End Gwbbcode Integration
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